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PARADISO "for the love of tango"
a traditional milonga
every Friday evening

Thank you to Alberto and Paulina for honouring Toronto with your presence.

Alberto and Paulina dance to "Pugliese's "A Evaristo Carriego" on Fri. Sept. 24, 2010 at Paradiso Milonga

Alberto y Paulina en Toronto, at Paradiso Milonga, Fri. Sept.24, 2010 - Vals, Orchesta Tipica Victor, "Sin Rumbo Fijo" - cantor, Angel Vargas 

About Alberto
Alberto is dedicated to teaching, performing and sharing his passion for Tango Salon and Vals to dancers at home and from around the world.

In the words of Alberto," My Tango is Salon style. My style of dancing is elegant, subtle, with rhythm and poetry."

Participating in Alberto’s workshops presents the argentine tango dancer with a delicious opportunity to learn from a master dancer/teacher; you will be enriched and gain a deep appreciation of this wonderful dance, “the argentine tango”.

Alberto is “the real deal”! Dancing since 14, Alberto’s knowledge of the history and the dance is superb. It is a joy to take part in his workshops because he enthusiastically shares his experience and skills. Alberto’s dance is rich in nuances and subtlety with an elegant and sensitive personal style packed with emotion.

Alberto has just completed workshops in Cleveland, Chicago, Edmonton, Calgary, Toronto, Kitchener-Waterloo and currently Alberto and Paulina are in Pittsburgh, U.S.A.  After Pittsburgh, they will stop off in New York for a few days then Alberto travels to Champain-Urbana Illinois, U.S.A. and finally home, to Buenos Aires.
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