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"for the love of tango"
celebrating 15 years of Friday evening milongas

Paradiso is celebrating 15 years of continuous Friday evening milongas in Toronto!
Paradiso has promoted only "argentine tango" in Toronto since April 1998! - this is the tango that is danced in the "tango salons" of Buenos Aires! 
Paradiso promotes only "argentine tango" and no other dances! only the dance of the milongueros and milongueras of Buenos Aires!

We hope that all of you who love tango as we do will join us on Friday April 13 to celebrate our 15th year anniversary!

Master d.j. MANUK will provide "golden age" tangos; Manuk spins his magic at milongas and festivals in the U.S. and overseas in Turkey!

Fernanda and Leonel will perform for us. They are a young and exciting couple who teach and also have competed in "campeonato mundial de tango (2006, 2007,2011)"!
Their foremost  teacher is  GRACIELA GONZALEZ. 
Leonel also has partnered with Graciela Gonzalez and Mariana Dragone.
Their Bio:

a handsome  young Argentinian, who dove into the tango scene in 2002, and in this dance of tango, he found the perfect art form to develop and express his talent and passionate personality. His activity and keen interest in the martial art form of AIKIDO as well as other forms of movement  have helped him in his search for a better understanding of the unity of body movement and he has incorporated many techniques from these various disciplines to improve his understanding and performance as an artist.   
Teachers: Carolina Bonaventura, Francisco Forquera, Gabriel Misse, Alejandra Martinian, Graciela Gonzalez, Martin Ojeda, Fabian Peralta, Demian Garcia, Carlos y Rosa Perez, Nito y Elba y Monica y Nestor among others.  
a beautiful young woman with a graceful tango form is always searching for a way to expand her vocabulary and creativity as an artist and performer. This search brought her to tango and to noted Canadian tango teachers of the "close embrace" Barry and Lidia Byrne (who were the first teachers that  brought the "close embrace" to Toronto). Later she joined the Mylene Pelletier Professional tango troupe til 2010. Fernanda is a  professional  contemporary ballet  dancer who has worked with several companies in Mexico, Cuba, United States and Canada . In addition to her continuous exploration of Tango, she has explored other different artistic disciplines including aerial circus, artistic yoga, acting techniques, vocals etc. She is a certified GYROTONIC AND GYROKINESIS instructor.
LEONEL Y FERNANDA  have been exploring and expanding  their boundaries in order to  transmit and share  with people their passion and art  through tango salon.
They teach at CAFE DE LIMA in  Montreal, and are invited as guest artists and teachers.
With  the  guidance and  intensive coaching of GRACIELA GONZALEZ , they  have  found an unlimited field of exploration and  dance expression in the tango salon style.
For  Leonel and  Fernanda their  dance is based on four  elements:
earth (solidity),  water (fluidity),  air (softness) and fire ( passion).

Please join us on the 13th of April for a beautiful evening of tango!
$15 per person until and including April 6
$20 per person after April 6

"dance in an ambiance reminiscent of the tango salons of Buenos Aires on a soft, smooth, silky wood floor"

Light Refreshments
Cash Bar

free on Dovercourt till midnight
free on Bloor St. W. from 9p.m. all night till the morning
$2 per car at the adjacent Salvation Parking lot: obtain permit from organizers 

for reservations:
hotline: 416-208-3848

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