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Friday Apr 5-16th anniversary milonga!
"for the love of tango"

We are happy to welcome all tangueros and tangueras to our 16th anniversary milonga!
Friday April 5(no class tonight)-milonga begins at 9 p.m.
*Buffalo Tango Orchestra
*d.j. Jorge Andres - selects the best of Buenos Aires tangos!
$20 per person by March 29
$30 per person after March 29
$10 per student by March 29
$15 per student after March 29
click here to email reservations: To Reserve 
hotline: 416-208-3848

Susana Miller's comments on Facebook about Tango!
Susana visits Toronto July 4

“Elsewhere, as here in Buenos Aires, people dance all styles. But the milonga with dirt under your nails,the“pure and simple” milonga, distinguishes Buenos Aires from all other tango communities.
The milongueros of the old-guard and the “n
ew-guard” (those that have been dancing for 15 or 20 years) create a special atmosphere that attracts foreigners and locals every night to the essential ritual of the milonga.
The tango that is danced in these milongas comes from the “guts” and the heart, where one’s blood flows like a warm river. And having metaphorical dirt under one’s fingernails is a plus.
All social dances that have a lot of attitude (flamenco, salsa, and those of Africa and Asia) have an attitude that is “sullied”, and anyone who doesn’t believe this should come to some of the “cult” milongas we are still fortunate to have here.

One can dance tango as he wishes, but if I studied salsa, I would want to dance it as they do in Cuba or Puerto Rico, where the dance originated. Social dance is the product of a community that shares a common history and way of understanding. That community has a particular sense of humor and drama and the people have a unique way of relating to one another. The most interesting thing is what the  dance tells us about the culture, its concept. Not the wrapped gift, but that which is enclosed in the packaging. Still, that doesn’t detract from anyone who likes or wants to dance Finnish tango.

In the beginning, everyone, even the old “dinosaurs,” dance to be seen from the outside. It’s easier and is what attracts new dancers. They have to get barridas, back sacadas, ganchos and the like out of their system until they can finally reach a purer state of love for the tango.

The tango, as well as other social dances, has a mantra, a sound that is repeated like a litany. And it is this mantra that enables us to dance for the span of a lifetime. But to dance the same sound without getting bored, it is necessary to understand the tango. This understanding may come after dancing other types of tango or growing in different directions. But until one comes to Buenos Aires to dance with the milongueros, those other “travels” may lead you astray, and the trip will come at a high price.”

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